I’m Ang Waterton, the Cornwall-based owner of Photography.

Wife, photographer, cook, traveler, reader, sparkling wine drinker. I’m working on perfecting those skills in that order (although sometimes fizz trumps everything).

My dad loves to tell the story about how, as a child, I would come barreling down the stairs each morning in a clatter of sound and enthusiasm. I like to think I’m still approaching life that way (although I’m now a little quieter in the mornings). I have no sense of smell and my sense of direction isn’t much better, but I love traveling and will go anywhere adventure can be found. I think zucchini and avocados are evil. I love chai lattes, flipping kids upside down, exploring new places with my husband and without a map, cooking Asian food, honesty, my weekly lunches with my Nana, laughing until I cry at posts from damnyouautocorrect, drinking sparkling wine to celebrate the big things in life (like Tuesdays or a great email), and bonfires on chilly nights.

I’m a dedicated photojournalist; bold and vibrant, moment-driven, storytelling images feed my soul and are the driving force behind everything I do. Country, backyard and intimate weddings are my specialty, but regardless of where you choose to get married, my approach to weddings is to show you how you loved and were loved by others on one of the biggest days of your life. I want to tell your story, exactly the way that it happened, and include some killer portraits, making the best possible use of light in the process.

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