Joel & Jess Photography

We are Joel & Jess, almost married, people loving, moment taking photographers that put an emphasis on candid wedding photography. There’s nothing more raw than the unscripted moments that happen throughout a wedding day. The ones that make you tear up and smile every time you look at your wedding photos. Because moments mean so much to us, we make sure to photograph each wedding with intention and the sole purpose of making memorable images.

When we are not spending fun-filled weekends on wedding adventures, we are relaxing in our home where we’ll often binge watch our favorite Netflix series or enjoy some fresh air. Most of all, we enjoy surrounding ourselves with our friends and family and relishing in the warmth we have created for ourselves.

We each have our own creative outlooks and bring these different characteristics with us on wedding days. Joel loves light, composition and uniqueness. Jess loves all things beautiful, emotions and moments. Two distinct styles, blending together to offer you compelling wedding photography that lets you relive your day as it happened.

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