Charlotte Northrope Photography

I think it’s only fitting to start out by saying G’day mate.

I am the token Aussie within our collective, and moved to Ottawa with my family (husband and three kids) a little over 4 years ago. We have loved our new home from the moment we landed on one cold February day, and I draw a lot of inspiration from the beautiful natural landscape, colours and nature (and the lack of poisonous spiders and deadly snakes!)

My work draws on nature and urban architecture but mostly it’s about being outdoors, and I love nothing more than exploring new places with my clients. I love to use natural light and work in all elements from the beating sun, to the pouring rain. I’m known for kicking off my shoes when they’re getting stuck in the mud and I will brave the mosquitos and black flies for the perfect shot.

When not out exploring with my clients, I’m probably out exploring with my family! We love to visit new trails, go camping, skate on the canal, try a new restaurant or simply pack a picnic and head to a park.

Weather it is the ultimate sunset or a ferocious thunderstorm you can bet I approach it with the greatest of enthusiasm and see it as an opportunity to create something unique and beautiful.

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