Anita Peeples Photography

I take an artistic and candid approach to wedding photography, stepping back and taking real photos of real moments as your wedding day unfolds. I love off-beat and unique weddings that go against the grain and that tell the story of who you are, as a couple.

I specialize in weddings that take place at rural and outdoor venues, and I have the biggest soft spot for intimate backyard weddings, too. I love to photograph urban weddings in Ottawa’s downtown core, and of course in my own Hintonburg neighbourhood as well.

I don’t do much without a camera in my hand. I love telling stories, describing the world as I see it through photographs. To me, visuals are a tangible thing. Something you should be able to capture and own, to look at and revisit whenever you’d like. Your wedding day is a series of fleeting moments that I want you to have forever.

Growing up in Peterborough, Ontario, my love for art and the outdoors flourished. Ever since I was a little girl, you could find me outside riding horses, catching snakes, or raising caterpillars and tadpoles. High school photography class put a 35mm in my hand and gave me everyday access to a darkroom – I became obsessed. From there, I moved on to a DSLR and, years later, started photographing weddings.

I have red hair and what some might consider to be a lot of tattoos. I love travelling, music and everything to do with nature. When I’m not taking photos, you’ll often find me with a beer in my hand watching a TV marathon with my fiancé Josh, and cat George Michael. Want to know more random stuff about me?

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