A Photography Shot List on Your Wedding Day

Top 6 reasons why you shouldn't give your photographer a shot list

You’ve found yourself on our website, which means that you’re looking to get the most out of your wedding day photos. These photos are incredibly important and we take our jobs seriously as photographers. We want to capture all of those big milestone moments, but we want to capture all… Read More

How to Keep Your Priorities in Focus

Wedding Day Advice From Married Couples and Photographers

Wedding day advice isn’t hard to come by. Just ask any married aunt, cousin, parent, grandparent – they’ll all have words of wisdom for you. Weddings are a minefield of etiquette, tradition, and compromise. It’s easy to feel like you’re being piled with expectations from every different direction and that… Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions You Need to Ask Your Ottawa Wedding Photographer

You probably have a head full of questions that you’d like to ask Ottawa wedding photographers when you sit down for a consult. Lots of them are easy to answer or could even be answered before you meet. For example, if you want to know if you’re getting colour, black… Read More

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

5 Tips to Consider

There are SO MANY OTTAWA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS. There. We’ve said it. But there’s a perfect one for you. Choosing your wedding photographer can be a daunting task. To help lighten the burden, we’ve put this together to help you understand some really crucial information about how to go about finding… Read More

Your Wedding Day Timeline

20 Topics to Help You Plan Your Perfect Wedding Day

Your timeline is likely the single most important piece of strategising that you’ll do surrounding your wedding plans. A wedding day timeline is a detailed and complicated piece of machinery with lots of moving parts. Each family member and member of the wedding party – and member of your wedding… Read More

Our Favourite Wedding Day Moments

6 Big & Little Details That Rock

Wedding day moments are so special and SO personal. Ask any group of people what their favourite part of a wedding day is and you’ll probably get a wide variety of answers. The bride coming down the aisle. The first kiss. The food. The dancing. The wine! There are so… Read More

Location & Light

How to Get the Best Wedding Day Photos

Think of your wedding day as a cinematic feature. There’s a narrative to be told. You want that narrative to happen under the best possible conditions. Here’s the catch, though: we can’t control everything (no matter how badly some of us may want to). Weddings days are definitely no exception… Read More

All About First Looks

How to Decide If You Should Plan a First Look

First Looks – where you see one another before the ceremony takes place – are sometimes a heavily debated timeline component. Some couples struggle with foregoing tradition and have a strong mental connection with the idea of seeing one another for the first time when they’re at either end of… Read More

Looking Great in Your Engagement Photos

What to Wear to Your Ottawa Engagement Session

You’ve booked a photographer, your wedding plans are coming together, and it’s time for your Ottawa engagement session! But what are you going to wear?! When choosing what to wear to the shoot, the most important factor by far is that you are comfortable! Don’t go shopping and buy an… Read More