Emma & B

Billings Estate Wedding

When I first spoke with Emma over the winter, she and her fiance Bikrant were living in Toronto, but planning their Billings Estate wedding in Ottawa.  She also told me that B was from Nepal, which is where they met when she was living there many years back.  Because their… Read More

Lianne & Mike

When the flowers start blooming and the greenery of spring sweeps in, there’s always a mad-dash to do as many engagement sessions as possible (for good reason!). Lianne and Mike were such an incredible couple to photograph. Their chemistry, their insatiable laughs and natural comfort in front of the lens… Read More

Roseta & Eddie

Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club

Since I can remember I’ve always been a ‘people watcher’ and I say that in the most non-creepy way possible, I promise! It has always fascinated me how people connect with each other, wild hand gestures or an ever-so-slight raise of the eyebrow. People say so much by their body… Read More

Nicole & Jon

When Nicole and Jon asked to meet for a consultation for their wedding at the Sidedoor, they insisted upon meeting at their home because they loved it sooooo much.  Upon walking in, it was pretty clear why. It was nothing short of amazing! Mile high wine rack, beautiful artwork, it… Read More

Anh & Tyler

Intimate Hintonburg Wedding

What can I say about this amazing, intimate Hintonburg wedding, other than that it was simply perfect.  This day was such a great example of how a small wedding can still be your dream wedding. Anh and Tyler had the most wonderfully cozy ceremony at their gorgeous condo in Hintonburg.  … Read More

Mike & Maryse

Willson-Carbide Ruins Engagement Session

This Willson-Carbide Ruins engagement session with Mike and Maryse was an absolute dream! It’s not every day I get to team up with a couple whose wedding website theme is “Let’s go adventuring!” But when I do, I know I’ve found my  people. It would’ve been so easy to choose… Read More

Katherine & Colin

Red wine engagement session

Nothing says perfection like a red wine engagement session. When it comes to choosing a location for your engagement session, I always encourage couples to think outside the box a little bit. It’s easy to just go to the Arboretum or to Majors Hill Park, two of Ottawa’s most popular… Read More

Catherine & Jay

Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm Wedding

There’s something about the electricity in the air during the morning before a wedding. A mixture of nerves and excitement come together and when surrounded with your closest friends and family the energy is palpable. From the moment we set foot in their home that morning, we knew Catherine and… Read More

Michelle & Christian

Elegant wedding day at Strathmere Garden House in Ottawa

I knew this wedding was going to be amazing. Michelle and Christian were so lighthearted and easy going during their engagement session, and the whole wedding planning process. I knew that even if there were hiccups of any kind on the wedding day at Strathmere Garden House, that they would… Read More